Why am I so hungry? It’s a really common reason for people to see their physician. There are numerous reasons for this, and it may prove to be something quite simple, like just not drinking enough, through to more serious health conditions. But always feeling like you will need to reach for still another glass of water isn’t a pleasant position to be in, and so you’ll have to discover why you’re always so thirsty.


Excessive thirst can be among the first signs of undiagnosed diabetes. To counteract this, the body attempts to excrete the extra sugar through the urine. And as a result of this, you become far more thirsty. If you find these symptoms continue, then you’ll have to ask your physician who will perform a very easy test to discover if diabetes is the issue.

Drugs and other medicines

Drugs like Melbourne FL Rat Removal anti histamines or diuretics (drugs that make you pee) can boost your levels of desire. All medications include a booklet that will list any side effects, so ensure you have a look at these before beginning taking them.

This might seem very obvious, but sometimes you might not even realise that the food you’re eating is high in salt. Modern processing methods may add large amounts of additives to food, particularly pre-packaged food, soups and particular ready meals. To be certain, take a look at the ingredients that must by law be recorded on the outer food packaging. For salt, examine the amount of sodium.

Excessive thirst isn’t a wonderful thing to suffer from. It might not even be that obvious to you, you might well just feel you have a dry mouth.